WOMENS TORAH CLASS. Pirkei Avot group in English

25 Апреля 10:00

Dear ladies,
Zhukovka now offers Torah classes not only in Russian, but in English as well!

Our new lecturer, Chaya Boroda, has taught Judaism in Toronto and New York. Now she is ready to share her knowledge with you in the framework of the new Pirkei Avot group.

We invite women and girls who want to get acquainted with the Torah, and understand how to implement its wisdom in their everyday lives. At each meeting, we will examine specific life situations in the light of the Torah, with all its wonderful depth, meaning and profundity.

For example, how to live a balanced life, in harmony with others, and how not to lose faith in yourself? What is the role of a wife and mother? What is the purpose of a Jewish woman? What special mission are we all tasked to fulfill? Chaya is certain that the Torah contains answers to all these, and many other important questions. This means, the more time we devote to studying it, the better the quality of our life will be.

Pirkei Avot are meetings dedicated to how to apply these important life lessons today. And, of course, the practice of English, two important benefits in one!

During the lesson, each participant will be offered tea, coffee and a fresh bun.
Afterwards, a breakfast will be served.

When: every Sunday at 10:00
Where: Library «Zhukovka»
* Attention: lessons are in English!

For more information, please call:
8 (495) 407-08-35